Who Am I? The Basics.

Hey, I’m Emily Rose. I’m a modern, low maintenance girl who spent many of her formative years in New York City and the NJ suburbs. While I used to dream about spending a few years of my youth living in the city, I have become more and more fixated on the idea of a quiet little piece of land where I can grow my garden and live a quiet, but not boring, life.

In 2014 I got my NYS license and became a practicing massage therapist. Previously I had graduated with a BA in philosophy from a small liberal arts school. I consider myself a bit of a nerd, a creative soul and a healer in training. I’ve had a series of romances with writing throughout my life and after a long break I’ve decided to give this a go.

What is Crunchy?

Some of you may be familiar with the term crunchy or crunchy granola but for many people this is still a new term.

Dictionary.com’s definition, right under the standard usage is “Health conscious and environmentally aware.” Look the term up on Urban Dictionary and you’ll get everything from “quasi-hippie” to “Green” to “a left leaning individual with communist tendencies.”

Personally, I like quasi-hippie or neo-hippie best as I’ve always liked to call myself a “hippie in training.”  As for characteristics that refer to me I’d say: I’m interested in alternative medicine, feel at home in a health food store, love the outdoors, grass and dirt; born a wanderlust and nature lover.

What’s The Blog All About?

Clean and Green Body

Crunchy has been a lifestyle I’ve been looking to embrace for a while, but massage school definitely gave me an extra push in that direction.

My interest in safer and cleaner products was further fueled by my grandmother’s diagnosis of cancer while I was in school. It wasn’t just her either; it seemed like far too many women I knew were getting diagnosed with breast cancer.

I was already concerned about the food I was eating, but then I started to look into the household and personal products that I used on a daily basis. The more I began to examine my life, the more I realized how many things we take for granted as being safe. Our everyday items are often toxic and for some reason there isn’t full out national outrage.

Clean and Green Mind

If you want to start taking care of your body there are some basic steps to follow. But what about the well-being of the mind?  We can eat healthy and exercise but if we are constantly drowning in negativity it won’t matter all that much.

How does our mind play into the condition of our body?  How does positive and negative energy affect us?  We experience things at a level beyond just what most of us acknowledge and this affects us physically. In my job as a massage therapist I work directly with people’s muscles, but I also get a chance to impact their entire self- mind, body, and spirit. I’m exploring how my experiences with mind and body can help myself, my clients and anybody else who is interested.

Making it Mainstream

Caring about what goes into my body, what my impact on the world is and how I can live a happy life is pretty much what this blog is all about.

I’m taking my own journey, one step at a time, to try and get healthier, happier and be a more eco-conscious person. I’ll be doing some research, sharing what I’m discovering and hoping to give anyone interested in changing their lifestyle some motivation.

My aim is to become a sensibly crunchy person. I’ll be covering all sorts of topics on mind, body, spirit and sustainability and I’d love to hear back from you too!