I’ve been doing things on the computer for hours today. All things that need to get done and I didn’t even do half of what I wanted to do. One thing I appreciate about my  job is that I don’t sit at a computer all day, except I still do anyway.  Even as I began this blog I asked myself, do I want to force myself to sit down at a computer and spend hours being in front of a screen?

Don’t get me wrong, I use my phone, TV and computer all the time anyway. I love being outdoors but I’m still a slave to my devices and I’m probably not getting rid of my Netflix any time soon. The only thing is that I often feel like I can only handle so much screen time without getting nauseous. Computers for me are the worst. TV seems to be better. Not sure if it has to do with how close I am to the object in question. Anyway I know there’s all kind of things about electronics emitting harmful energy waves etc. and I definitely think there’s some truth to that. I’ve never felt the same way from sitting outside too long ( heatwaves excluded).

The point is, do I willingly attach myself to the screen to write this blog? I think the answer is yes because in the long run there’s more good information to be shared and learned. I do, however, find myself constantly annoyed at how much the internet is a treasure trove of information and yet can feel like an obstacle to overcome. Does anyone else get this feeling? I feel bound to technology yet grateful for it.


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