This is just one of those little moments I have to complain about people. On my way home today I saw the driver of the car in front of me toss garbage out  of their window. We were stuck in slow traffic so I was able to see that it was just a little bit of plastic wrapper. I just don’t understand this. How hard is it to throw garbage in a trash can? Is that little piece of plastic going to ruin your car?

I admit that I’m not the best recycler; it’s something I’d like to be better at. I’ll get lazy sometimes and not want to rinse out a messy bottle or can, but I would never toss trash on the earth! It’s just rude to other people and to the planet. I feel bad even throwing tons of plastic in the garbage.The mindset of someone tossing anything not biodegradable in the road is just incomprehensible to me. So please, anyone who litters, don’t be trashy!

One thought on “Not Trashing Your Trash is Trashy

  1. I agreed. I often see many trash on the highway too. While my city does not have the extra resource to deal with this kinda of matter, our lovely city fellas volunteer to pick up the trashes. I really wish the city clean to point where no volunteers needed on stuff like this.

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