Things are looking good in the garden, especially compared to my last garden post. I admit that I cheated  just a little bit. In my hurry to get my seedlings transported before my week-long trip in June, I picked up a bag of “herb and vegetable soil” without realizing that the brand was Miracle Gro. Obviously they are claiming this is safe to use on things you eat but it still bums me out that it wasn’t totally organic like I planned. While I did supplement a lot of the pots with the new soil there are some without it that are doing fine. I’ve also recently picked up Jobes organic plant food.

I planted mostly heirloom veggies this year. Many of my seeds come from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, which came as a recommendation from my dad, the Garden Griller. A few seeds also came from Park Seeds but I haven’t had as much success with them. My parents also gave me a number of packets from the Hudson Valley Seed Library including lettuce, radishes, beans and carrots. That carrots are currently growing without a hitch!

One tomato plant has produced fruit, but it still needs to ripen. Several others have flowered, as have my tomatillo plants! I’m really hoping to make some salsa this year.


Rio Grande Tomatillo Flowers


Tomatoes on the left, Tomatillo and marigolds on the right

Meanwhile one of my cucumber plants has taken off like crazy while the others are creeping along very slowly.

IMG_6696   IMG_6693

Oriole Orange Chard is also still coming up  nicely even if it is crowded in with a beet.


For some reason I have never been able to get peppers to grow. Lettuce grew pretty well but started to bolt and get bitter so I’ve started a new batch. The beans did produce several beans but also got badly attacked by bugs and didn’t keep growing. I’ll try again for fall. This heat has just been brutal for the plants, although the sun has been nice. Sadly none of my flowers grew and most of them were from Baker Creek. I do have one pot that I started again late but right now it’s only leaves and no flowers.

I bought chives, spearmint and peppermint as well as the marigolds as grown plants to help protect my crops naturally by attracting natural predators of the bugs eating my plants. The basil I received as a gift also has managed to survive along with the dill I planted, also for protection. Hoping to have some nice pictures of veggies coming this month!


Pepper Plants are Still Tiny


Companion planting radishes to protect the beans


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  1. I too have had mixed success with Baker Creek Seeds this year, including two plantings of lettuce that never sprouted, while both okra plantings we super productive. While not giving up on them I certainly will be diversifying in where I purchase seeds next year. I will keep my eye out for more from the P. Allen Smith line. The Peppermint Chard that is growing looks exactly like the picture on the seed packet.

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